Kyrle Nelson: Projects

Welcome to the workshop. Here I document my past, current and future projects. As I work on the projects I list here, I will update the appropriate project to include new developments. While you will probably be able to reproduce these projects based on the information here, you will find that the information here is more of a record of changes or ideas than it is a 'how-to'.

While working on projects, I frequently find that individual parts of the project are not new concepts. As such, I tend to avoid reinventing the wheel, and rather than start from scratch, I typically use ideas, concepts and designs that are already complete and incorporate them into my project, modifying them as necessary.

Below is a list of projects that are either complete, in progress, or soon to be started. While I am working on finishing this website, this section and my other projects will only receive limited updates.

Have a question, comment, or suggestion for a specific project? Each project page has a place to comment at the bottom.

Projects in progress:

This website -
Full domain network - Network Overkill
Gaming cockpit made from automotive racing bucket seat - The Throne

Projects to be started:

3D Printer from scratch - HICube (Restart)

Completed projects:

Bluetooth, personal computer/smartphone controlled drone - Quadcopter

Mobile site