Kyrle Nelson: Projects, HICube

HICube is a cube, cartesian style 3D printer, designed and built from the ground up by me. This was a previously completed project, however, once completed, it wasn't very sturdy. If someone were to bump the table it was sitting on, the frame of the printer would wobble enough to totally ruin what ever was being printed. Also due to the frame's instability, everything had to be printed at the slowest speed.

Because of the issues mostly relating to the weak frame. I choose to scrap the project and rebuild it. It is currently sitting partially dis-assembled while I decide what approach to take. The current options I am entertaining are:
1) Rebuild the current design (Cube) with stronger materials.
2) Start over and re-design as a Delta printer.
3) Start over and re-design as a walking printer (like a robot spider).

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